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I really enjoy thinking up new ideas and finding creative ways to bring them to life. I have been in a commercial art/graphic career for many years. It has been an extensive learning experience that continues growing with each project and collaboration. With a dedication to effectiveness and a fascination for what's ahead in trends and technology, I keep my work feasible, purposeful, and innovative.​​

Today, a creative professional with decades of international experience in developing and implementing creative designs for a broad spectrum of marketing materials from conception to completion. This includes 11 years in the Oil and gas industry, six years in the wholesale industry, and two years in the retail industry, plus UX/UI support for corporate marketing while serving the Oil & Gas/ Energy industry. In addition, a diverse skill set with five years of customer service experience in the hotel and tourism industry, administrative for an office with 100+ members, and more.

Check out my past projects, and feel free to connect with any questions or comments.

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