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Donation App - CASE STUDY
Give Away for Good Mobile Application 

Donation Mobile Application

A straightforward application to solve your donation obstacles and more. We aim to create a successful mobile application to help solve the issues for most users who have busy schedules but want to do good deeds by giving their gently used items to those in need and the potential of earning a bit of money back if they wish to resale some of those items. The case study is one way to prove we are on the right track.

Timeline & Scope:

One week group project (Approx. 18+ hrs individual)

Role: UX designer / Group project with a team of three (Share responsibilities: Research, interview, synthesize the research, User Insight, Problem Statement, Diagrams, User-Persona, Value Proposition, User Flow Chart, wireframes, User testing) 

My focus: Managed the interview record and process, Created an App Name and logos and color theme, created survey form and compiled research data, Modified Proto-Persona, Complexity Matrix, Storyboards, Lo-Fi /Hi-Fi wireframes on Non-profit options, provided artwork/images, organized docs/ records/ feedback, and prepared the presentation.


Figma, Trello, Google Slides, Google Docs/forms, Adobe Creative Suite


Most users have a hectic schedule outside work/school. They have items that can be donated but lack the time and energy to take them to the donation center. The living space becomes cluttered with unused items.


Throughout interviews, users were motivated by helping others and mentioned time constraints as a major pain point, especially when moving. Therefore, users could benefit from an app that would take care of the donation for them and offer users the possibility of making a profit on the resell option. How might we help users donate/resale their items with minimal time/energy? Testing was performed before editing/ adding the shopping and messaging section, resulting in additional features.


An application like "GIVE AWAY FOR GOOD" can help the users schedule a pick up for their items, which would be ideal for solving the issues. On top of that, the users will have an option to resale some of their items through our app as well. Additional Features: - Feature to browse and buy the used items from our "Feature Listing Page" and payment options - Communication Feature, where the user can send a Text message & chat with our team directly.

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