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Travel Application Research & UX Design

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UX Research to UX Design

This travel application project involved a lot of hands-on user research and analysis. It was a group project, and our role was UX Research/UX Designer. We worked together on the User Research/Conducting the interviews and survey. Role: Group preject with two members. Together, we helped synthesize the research with an affinity diagram and several matrix methods to complete the Definition and Ideation process and finalize the User Insight/Problem Statement/Value Proposition.

My Role & Focus: Created the app name/logo, worked on some matrix and created the proto-persona, task flow/onboarding, graphics & storyboards, presentation slides, a Lo-Fi wireframe, and a Mid-Fi prototype.  

Timeline & Scope:

One week group project: 20-25 hr (individual part)


Tools: Figma, Miro, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Google Slide, and Survey Monkey. 

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The travel industry has changed; people need help booking flights/ finding deals, and managing their trips in one place. We believe creating a bundled app for each individual based on their travel plans will achieve a higher chance in spending less time searching for travel flights, accommodations and more.

In order to develop a mobile app that is easy to use and more effective, we need to have enough information from travelers/potential users. In this research project, we planned to interview five or more people. We conducted a total of eight interviews with stakeholders, current users, and potential users in Texas and other locations (1-1 Interviews and video calls, without recording) aged between 28-52. Then create a survey via Survey Monkey with 54 participants.

After conducting several user tests, we modified the prototype and its functionality to ensure that the "Buckle Up" application will provide various information to help the user choose direct flights and recommend the area to stay within their budget, plus the option to see price changes if they need to alter their timeline, also with one click to airline/hotel customer support.

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