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A combination of Creative Services 

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Technical Drawings

Deepwater Poster Drawing3.jpg

Role: Technical Drawing - 2D Drawing for Industry Poster (Deepwater under Offshore Magazine sponsorship) using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  More than four million printed copies have been distributed (source from Offshore Magazine Portal-17 years of posters)​

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Logo/Brand Identity


Role: Design and execute to final product. The boldness of the font displays the strength of the principle and cursive font style for harmony and caring. Mustang Engineering company created the Founders Legacy  to honor the three gentlemen who started their company. "The Founders Legacy is about giving back and investing in the lives of middle school students in the community."  -(Founders Legacy Brochure)-

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Prototyping/Wireframing -UX/UI

UX-UI Example8.jpg

Role: Created a series of sketches/ storyboards and designed a graphical user interface to present the concept of "Why Jom for the jobs/projects" with a combination of Adobe programs and another prototyping tool.  ​Whether we need something new or a solution for solving complex projects for the team, "Innovation" is essential to our living today.

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Online Greeting Cards

2014 US Christmas.jpg

Role: Developed corporate electronic greeting card for domestic and global usage with Adobe Animate, this included building the e-cards library page (UX/UI) using SharePoint, and corporate training in its use. Many of these projects were executed in just a few days timeline.

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3D Poster Editing


Role: Implemented/created conceptual 3D graphics for business usage with Adobe Photoshop

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Retail Industry

charming charlie 1st ad.jpg

Role: Designed the first magazine ad for Charming Charlie store, which is one of the leading accessories stores in the nation today. Implemented all display graphics and posters for the launch of the first store location from conception to completion, including photo shoots and editing of images.

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Catalog Designs1.jpg

Role : From conception to completion of projects, including: photograph, editing, layout, color proof & press-checks  24 page and 132 page Catalog for Silver Express LLC (distributed more than 10,000 recipients), direct mail, posters and more

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Candid photography

Corporate photography

Architectural photography

Product photography


“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.” – Eudora Welty

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Role: Created flyer and program brochure for Annual Rice University Global Forum and Engineering Competition through corporate sponsoring program for several years since 2008

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